• Conference, Festival, and Business Meeting Event Planning

    During these long, arduous days with everyone staring at their screens 24/7, conference, festival, and business meeting event planning is more critical than ever—especially creating engaging content during virtual or hybrid events. Let Busy Bee take your virtual event to the highest level with captivating, lively, and overall informative content that will leave your guests and coworkers with a lasting impression.

    Are you having a semi-annual business meeting? We can keep your Director of HR, VP of Sale, and even IT guys awake, informed, and, most importantly, entertained. Busy Bee knows the ‘sweet spot’ for event length, agenda details, breaks, entertainment, and more. We can also coordinate in-person events and festivals that will be safe and memorable, following all current state and local guidelines! From invites to travel arrangements to meals to hosts and presenters, virtual platform management, AV and connectivity, event kit fulfillment—anything and everything. We can create your ideal event or meeting from the ground up or fill in anywhere your team needs support!

    Let’s discuss your next dreaded virtual meeting needs. Busy Bee will make you the hero to your bosses and coworkers! paul@busybeepromotions.com