• Vehicle Wraps & Custom Build-Outs

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    Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown with his wrapped Prius designed by Busy Bee Promotions

    Tasks Will Include:

    Shock the world with a floating burrito, make heads turn with a giant rolling fish tank. Lasso followers with a mobile billboard. Entertain the masses with a moving Karaoke stage. Show your consumers your dedication to a cause with a composter-on-wheels. Busy Bee will create, build, and maintain mobile platforms that include complete setups, mobile billboard options, and usable functions such as media centers, working appliances, etc.


    ROI Data:

    One branded vehicle gets an average of 138 visual impressions per mile, or first-hand exposure to about 16 million potential consumers per year, or approximately 308,000 per week.

    ~American Trucking Association

    • 97% of survey respondents recalled the copy and creative of the wrapped vehicle.
    • 98% thought the wrapped vehicles created a positive image for the advertiser. 
    • 96% thought vehicle graphics had far more impact than billboards. 

    ~RYP & Becker Gr

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    Cargo Van Wrap

    This is a great way to quickly get your brand on the road, with a very low initial investment. A cargo van wrapped with your brand messaging can’t be ignored; use it as a billboard or load it up with samples and hit the ground running with a crew of enthusiastic Bees sampling to your customers! (see MULTI-DAY STREET TEAM & MOBILE TOUR)



    $7,550 vehicle printing and wrap (additional Busy Bee creative time billed at $75 per hour, or client can provide creative - note: INCLUDES ROOF graphics!). Similar pricing for personal vehicle wraps.

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    Custom Platform Full Build-Out

    Whether it’s your field team operating the vehicle or a full tour with Busy Bee’s team, we can create any custom build-out, in any size vehicle from a box truck to semi-trailer, to help deliver your brand’s message and samples coast-to-coast!


    Build-out & Purchase range:

    $180K - $240K each

    Quantity discount (3+): 5%

    Lead time: 2-5 months


    Rental Options (for available similar platforms)

    $16,000-$22,000/month-6 month minimum

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    Example Budget For Single Promotional Vehicle

    Budget below is based on a lease of a fully branded vehicle (high-roof Ford Transit van or similar) with basic, promo-functional build-out (no cut-outs or permanent altering of vehicle body & platform).

    • Vehicle lease $6,997 per month (6-month minimum) late model, full-size Sprinter or Ford Transit van. 
    • Full-coverage vehicle insurance ($810 per month) client to provide Busy Bee Promotions proof of workman’s comp and other coverage for their employees operating the vehicle, as well as a COI with Busy Bee Promotions, added as additional insured. More details forthcoming. $4,860 total
    • Full wrap (including roof, and perforated vinyl for windows). $7,550 includes consultation, printing/production, and installation/removal. Does not include production-ready files (these are provided by client). Additional creative hours by Busy Bee Promotions billed at $75 per hour if client needs Busy Bee to design creative.
    • Prep and promo-functional supplies and sampling surfaces $2000
    • Delivery and pick up of vehicle (target markets TBD) approximately $2,900
    • Project management for commencement and conclusion of tour: $4,500

    Approximate total investment per vehicle: $63,792*

    +Refundable security deposit $20,000 for any potential damage to vehicle not covered by insurance.


    *subject to change based on details of scope and scale. Fleet Discounts available. Contact us for a quote paul@busybeepromotions.com

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