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    Jeanie is a subject matter expert in the world of UX & UI Design (User Experience & User Interface) as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Growth.


    She has been a consultant to the leading social media platforms (E.g., Facebook and Instagram) for over a decade, advising them on B2B marketing, workflow, and User Experience. Jeanie & her Social-Bees research your organization as well as your business to create meaningful content and strategy for you. They look at your current social media to see what did and didn't work as well as look at the trends and the best time to post for your audience.


    With Jeanie working on your social presence, we guarantee results (percentage & increase based on your industry, your current metrics, and the social media platform we'll be working with).


    So what are you waiting for?

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  • New Offerings!

    Social Media Marketing

    1. Custom Social Media Posting and Management
    2. Social Media Advertising
    3. Pay Per Click Advertising
    4. Custom Reels and Videos


    1. Design & Creation
    2. Click Funnels
    3. Informational Websites
    4. E-Commerce and online stores (B2B or B2C)
    5. Online Company Stores: SImplify your promotional ordering needs
    6. Web Accessibility Solutions for WCAG &ADA Compliance

    Graphic Design

    1. Logos
    2. AD Creatives
    3. Custom Social Media Ads
    4. Flyers & Event Advertisements
    5. Product Posters
    6. Book Jacket and Package Design

    Video Production

    1. Promotional Videos
    2. Explainer Videos
    3. Motion Logos
    4. Teaching/Training Videos
    5. Video Advertising

    Online Courses

    1. Course Creation
    2. Course Portal Management

    Business Phone Systems

    Call Centers

    Video Conferencing

    SMS & MMS

    Custom CRM (Customer Management Solutions) designed to help you capture leads, convert them, build lasting relationships with your customers, and manage your workflow.

    1. Capture Leads
    2. Automations
    3. Tasks
    4. Send Updates
    5. Chat
    6. Custom Forms
    7. Manage your workflow

    Artificial Intelligence

    1. Content generation: generate new written content such as outlines, emails, or blog posts.
    2. Marketing: analyze data, identify customer trends and patterns, optimize marketing campaigns and strategies, and enhance the customer experience.
    3. Sales: Predictive analytics and AI-powered algorithms enable sales teams to better understand customer behavior and preferences and automate and improve sales operations.
    4. Customer service: AI can help transform how businesses engage with customers, identify relevant insights, and improve the customer experience.
    5. IT operations: big data, analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning to automate IT operations processes.
    6. Human resources: sourcing and recruiting candidates, onboarding, managing employee records, and developing existing team members
    7. Cybersecurity: As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, security teams need the latest technology to detect and reduce the risk of emerging threats.
    8. Legal departments: Corporate legal departments process and analyze large volumes of data and documents. Rather than reviewing documents and completing other administrative processes manually, AI can simplify many legal tasks, enabling lawyers to spend more time providing clients with expert guidance.
    9. Finance: help finance teams and organizations analyze patterns from large data sets, streamline processes, improve decision-making, prevent fraud, and maintain compliance.


    And Much More!



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