• Field & Event Marketing Options

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    Multi-Day Street Teams & Mobile Tours


    Function: Highly engaging street teams will market your product or service in high traffic/high visibility areas.

    Investments are based on the scope of the project and are customized and quoted accordingly.


    Example Street Team Tour Fees: A representative one week, 8-hour per day, 4-member team request with fully wrapped vehicle, storage, event logistics, and execution is estimated at $19,097.10. Estimate is based on single market activation.


    Actionable Items:

    • Our highly –trained Bees will wear your branded attire, or we can design & create a brand-appropriate and attention-getting look for your team of Bees!
    • Highly engaging BEE-street teams will guerrilla market your product or service in high traffic/high visibility areas!
    • Great opportunity to garner free media coverage by guerrilla morning news shows!
    • Pin-point-targeted flier, sample, and tchotchke distribution, to engage hot prospects!
    • We can engage your consumers with whimsical and cleverly costumed Bees that can’t be ignored! Generates leads and sales, while bringing smiles to all!
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    Example Budget: Monthly* Estimated Operating Cost

    for a 2-Person Multi-City Street Team Mobile Tour

    *Monthly costs vary based on actual program and calendar, i.e. fewer event days, fewer hotel days, etc.


    One-Time Fees

    On-boarding Project Costs $4,785.00

    Exit Project Costs $4,785.00


    Montly Project Management & event Coordination $4,000.00

    Per vehicle/separate calendars


    Monthly Travel Staffing

    1 Full Time Traveling Manager $9,700.00

    1 Full Time Traveling ASM $6,950.00


    Monthly Per Diem Expenses

    Monthly: Hotel | 2 staff x 30 days x $150/night) $9,000.00

    Monthly: Food | 2 staff x 30 days x $50/day) $3,000.00

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    Monthly Vehicle

    • Fully Wrapped Rental Vehicle $11,390.25
    • Monthly: Gas and Maintenance $1,850.00
    • Parking & Tolls Estimate $400.00
    • Monthly: Washing - 2x in 4wks $50 ea $100.00

    Monthly Misc.

    • Cleaning supplies, etc. $250.00
    • Sanitation $250.00

    Permits TBD

    Monthly In-Market Staffing Budget $14,400

    (extra non-traveling brand ambassadors for events)

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    Even More Field &

    Event Marketing Services

    Additional Skilled Staffing Entertainers & Street Performers*

    Turn heads with professional, highly-skilled, engaging, and brand-appropriate entertainers to attract more clients and customers.

    Chefs, Spokesmodels, Professional Speakers, Face Painters, Balloon Artists, Stilt Walkers, Contortionists, Fire Dancers, Ribbon Dancers, Magicians, Game Show Hosts, and much more! If you don’t see it here; ask, we probably have it.



    • Special Event Booths Design and Management*
    • Small to large outdoor events and demo spaces that include branded tents, games, inflatables, costumed staff, and entertainers.
    • Grand Openings
    • Customer Appreciation Days
    • Product Launches & Service
    • Community Events, Festivals, and much more!
    • Trade Show Environment Design and Management
    • Venue negotiations (We know how to save you money!)
    • Creation of branded items such as backdrops, barrel coolers, product displays, custom carpeting; anything you can imagine, and much more!
    • Top-quality, fully trained staff for partial or entire duration of program.
    • Custom design & production of entire booth environment to client specs
    • Branded attire, tablecloths, cups, signage, etc.

    *Reach out for a quote: paul@busybeepromotions.com

    Staffing and management hours start at $50 per hour.

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