• Virtual Demo Solutions

    Please watch the above video for a demonstration of one option of our Virtual Demo Solutions​

  • Virtual Demo Landing Page Management (VDLP)

    ,a Function: With in-store demos canceled or disallowed in certain areas of the country or at some store chains, our Virtual Demo Solutions offers an alternative to promoting your product at retail stores. A shelf talker with a QR code placed beneath your product in the aisle offers consumers a virtual space to learn more about your brand.



    In-person deployment of shelf talkers with QR code at 100 physical locations coast-to-coast. This service can be packaged with other forms of merchandising and sales support to maximize a Client’s presence in the store aisle. Please see our Retail Sales Support page for more add-on services. 

    The cost below includes the shipment of shelf-talkers to our nationwide staff.

    One-time design & printing of 100 shelf-talkers with up to two design revisions. A 1” x 3” shelf talker clips into the channel strip and prominently sticks out beneath the focus product.

    One-time design, upload, and monthly hosting of a mobile-optimized web page linked to a custom QR code on shelf talker. This is an evergreen page, offering updatable content and lead capture mechanisms.

    Monthly VDLP creation and management of up to Five different Static Elements (e.g. IRCs on Shopper’s Smartphones, Shopping List, Recipes, Grocery Lists, Social Media, et cetera). Change with the seasons, with your ads, with the launch of new products and more!


    ROI: For the cost of less than 10 in-store demos per month, our Virtual Demo Solutions will create an infinite amount of impressions and lure more consumers to your product!


    Cost per month: $1,375 w/ a six month minimum

    Virtual Demo Landing Page Add-Ons:


    Function: This Educational Video can be viewed unlimited times from each QR code and linked to your website and other social media for additional content



    • Production of one stand-alone, video (up to 5 minutes long) that will be posted on the VDLP linked to shelf-talker’s QR code. 
    • 2 minor revisions
    • full green screen production with one Bee Talent, a videographer/editor, and a palate of license-free music featuring an extensive array of styles and moods.  
    • Our Busy Bee Branded Department will create the necessary branded items in the video, e.g., attire, signage, and other displays 

    Just try counting all the different items created by our Busy Bee Branded Department. Click HERE!

    Additional Bee Talent $250 per hour

    Additional minor revisions $250 per. (Reshoots to be quoted on a case-by-case basis)

    One-Time Video Cost Estimate: $1,875

    Branding Budget for video: $600 e.g., attire, signage, and other eye-catching displays that can be utilized for future videos or gatherings)

    Virtual Brand & Product Gatherings


    Function: A one-time or recurring virtual event promoted on the VDLP linked to shelf-talker QR code to increase consumer knowledge and investment for your brand and product


    Gathering Options:

    • Broker or Store Personnel Brand Hype

    A virtual product gathering hosted in cooperation with your Brand’s internal sales staff to promote and inform Brokers or Store Personnel.

    • Consumer Product Follow-Along-Demo 

    The public’s invited to participate in a virtual demo on a scheduled date and time.

    Additional instructions, e.g., a shopping list, a recipe, et cetera can be included to increase consumer interaction and brand knowledge.

    • All Virtual Brand Product Engagement Gatherings Include:

    Storyboarding and scripting of an hour-long gathering

    Zoom or other virtual conference link set up and fees:

    A moderator host to direct questions, ensure clarity, and keep the momentum going.

    On-air talent, e.g. chef, foodie, cooking expert to perform a live cooking tutorial or other brand influencers to use the product in a demonstration.

    Necessary on-air branding, e.g., attire, signage, product demonstration supplies created by our Busy Bee Branded Department


    Cost-savings will be applied for scheduling frequent or regular Virtual Gatherings per month.

    One Virtual Gathering Cost Estimate: $2,595

    Add-Ons and Upgrades to Virtual Brand Product Engagement Gathering:

    • Seat-Filler Bees-Our Bees will fill in as members of the public to create a greater buzz during the call and ensure the “room” is full. $100 per Bee
    • Sample Kit Fulfillment-Our Asset Fulfillment Team can source, pack, design, and send a demo kit of product samples, branded items, coupons, literature, and any other brand items to each virtual gathering attendee. In turn, attendees will use these items during the Virtual Gathering.  Standard Kit Shipping and Handling for most food products to include pre-branded items and client products is $35 each.  
  • Virtual Demo Solutions

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