• In-Store Brand & Product Merchandising & Communications Visits

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    Basic Merchandising Per-Door:

    Function: Quick POP placement, simple store staff communication, and short-form reporting


    Actionable Items:

    Front and face product (where applicable)

    Add and/or replace shelf signage and other POP

    Bees will be on-site for up to 15 minutes per visit.


    Cost Per Store Visit: $35-50 (depending on volume and type of retailer)

    (remote locations and some urban areas may require travel-related expenses)

    Communications Visits

    Function: Working with and educating store management and team leads to improve shelf placement and connect on other valuable brand and store resources. Detailed store management feedback and reporting provided.


    Actionable Items:

    Removing expired or expiring product from the shelf and back stock.

    Working with store management on better shelf placement & visibility.

    Inventory, front, and face product.

    Basic administrative support.


    Bees will be on-site up to 1 hour per visit.


    Includes one of the following services* in addition to the "Call to Action" noted above:

    -IRC Placement

    -Auditing & Product Survey


    Cost Per Store Visit: $80 (remote locations and some urban areas may require travel-related expenses)


    *For both additional services add $25 per location

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