• Endcaps, Special Displays, & Signage Installation

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    Function: Building special displays & installing signage within a retail setting.


    Tasks Will Include: Bees would be responsible for putting up signage or banners and/or building a functional endcap or special display. Busy Bee will work with store to authorize installation and will follow a plan based on either the client’s or store’s requirements.


    Cost Per Store Visit: $200 (up to 4 hours on-site)


    ROI: An estimated 70% of all consumer purchasing decisions are made at the shelf, which is why merchandising displays and placement have a powerful influence on shoppers. Increasing the selection, convenience, and visibility of your brand has been shown to increase sales and can be accomplished by creating a designated themed display on an end-cap or other high-traffic area of the store.


    Source: https://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/1117p22.shtml

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