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    The Pollinator Demos

    As we all embrace social distancing & new safety measures, we would like to introduce you to our contactless food sampling.

    The Pollinator gives you the opportunity to reach customers who are a captive audience.

    Most states are still limiting the number of people per square foot inside a store resulting in lines of people waiting to get in. This gives us the opportunity to promote your product to onlookers who have no choice but to attend.



    • Number of Staff Bees = 2
    • Branded Reusable Magnetic Graphics*
    • Samples Supplies & PPE items
    • Locations Per Day = 1-3 based on area
    • Total Day Length Including Pre/Post Work = 12 hours (min 6 active sampling hours at up to 3 separate locations)
    • 2 Tablets w/ WiFi*

    One-Day Activation Fee: $1,810.00 (discounts for multiple days)


    *One-Time Costs (graphics and tablets reusable for multiple sampling days over weeks or months) = $1,417.70

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    Actionable Items

    • Two of our Bees will set up outside a retail location of your choosing to sample your product safely to our captive audience.
    • Customers would order using an app and our Bees would prepare the sample.  
    • For contactless transfer, our Bee’s will have a table set up outside the van and the customer will receive a notification once their packaged sample is ready.
    • Promotional material and coupons will be included in the sampling packaging for our captive audience to read while sampling the product.
    • Design, Build Out, and Maintain any type of promotional vehicle both big and small.
    • Create a working calendar of experiential and planned events/locales.
      Tour locally or across the country for any time period.
    • Provide management and staff in each tour destination for the entire duration of promotion. A single intra-city vehicle with graphics can generate 16 Million visual impressions a year (lowest cost-per-impression of any advertising medium).
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