• Shelf Resets

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  • Function: Updating your shelf presence based on new planogramming.


    Tasks Will Include: Are you rolling out new flavors or products, discontinuing items, or simply not having the brand visibility you would like? A shelf reset might be just what your brand needs. Our Bees can help you and the stores rearrange your product on the shelf according to planogram. If there are any product recalls, we have a team of Bees ready to assist you and the stores in removing the product from the shelf quickly and effectively.


    Cost Per Store Visit: $200 (up to 4 hours on site)


    Statistics Regarding Shelf Resents and Displays/Brand Visibility


    At-retail advertising drives additional sales 70% of the time.

    Yet another statistic detailing the importance of signage. A great way to drive last-minute sales is through point of purchase displays, such as counter mats, register toppers, stanchion signage, and case graphics

    74% of all purchase decisions are made in-store.


    Studies have shown that doubling of facings leads to a 20% increase in sales


    Source: https://www.repsly.com/blog/consumer-goods/look-for-performing-visual-merchandising-audits#:~:text=Retail%20Audits%20are%20used%20to,the%20most%20appealing%20way%20possible.

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