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  • A Little About Us

    We are a bespoke brand building business, offering a full range of comprehensive and highly effective marketing and promotional support and solutions to our clients. We employ a grass-roots to world mindset. Busy Bee is your partner in growth. We have been providing stellar service since our founding in 1998. We are fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau and are proud of our zero-complaint A+ rating. Our clients range from start-ups to established, Fortune 100 companies. Let us help you make your brand a household name.

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Optimization​

    With Busy Bee working on your social presence, we guarantee results (percentage & increase based on your industry, your current metrics, and the social media platform we'll be working with).


    Social Media Optimization Services


    Organic Results

    Monthly Investment: $2,997




    Organic Results + Ad Buys*

    Monthly Investment: $3,997*




    Organic Results + Ad Buys* + Administration

    Monthly Investment: $3,997*


    For A Personalized Administrator, Add:

    • 2 X Weekly Admin $547 per month
    • 3 X Weekly Admin $697 per month
    • 4 X Weekly Admin $847 per month
    • 5 X Weekly Admin $997 per month

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    Conference, Business Meeting & Festival Event Planning

    During these long, arduous days with everyone staring at their screens 24/7, conference, festival, and business meeting event planning is more critical than ever—especially creating engaging content during virtual or hybrid events. Let Busy Bee take your virtual event to the highest level with captivating, lively, and overall informative content that will leave your guests and coworkers with a lasting impression.

    Are you having a semi-annual business meeting? We can keep your Director of HR, VP of Sales, and even IT guys awake, informed, and, most importantly, entertained. Busy Bee knows the ‘sweet spot’ for event length, agenda details, breaks, entertainment, and more. We can also coordinate in-person events and festivals that will be safe and memorable, following all current state and local guidelines! From invites to travel arrangements to meals to hosts and presenters, virtual platform management, AV and connectivity, event kit fulfillment—anything and everything. We can create your ideal event or meeting from the ground up or fill in anywhere your team needs support!

    Let’s discuss your next dreaded virtual meeting needs. Busy Bee will make you the hero to your bosses and coworkers! Click HERE to get started!

    Virtual Brand Landing Page Management (VBLP)

    Function: With events and shows canceled or disallowed in certain areas of the country, our Virtual Brand Solutions offers an alternative to promoting your brand and service in person.


    In-person deployment of QR code via ground graphics and/or lawn signs and/or 'slap stickers' targeting your customer near commuter areas, on sidewalks leading to your building, or anywhere your target client moves about (areas that will have the highest amount of impact and impressions).

    One -time design & printing of 50 ground graphics, lawn signs, or 500 slap stickers with up to two design revisions.

    One-time design, upload, and monthly hosting of a mobile-optimized web page linked to a custom QR code on all signage/stickers

    Monthly VBLP creation, consultation, and management of up to Five different Static Elements (e.g. service deals, photos, and informational links, contests, Social Media, et cetera). Change with the seasons, with your ad campaigns, with the launch of new offices/locations, expanded services, and more!


    Investment per month: $1,375 w/ a six-month minimum

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    Virtual Brand &

    Service Demo Video Production

    (can be added into VBLP monthly updates above)

    Production of one stand-alone, brand service demo video/commercial (up to 5 minutes long) that will be posted on YouTube and can be used for your social media, website, and more

    Includes 2 minor revisions

    Includes full green screen production with one Bee Talent/Assistant, a videographer/editor, and license-free music.

    One-Time Video Cost Estimate: $1,875

    Branding Budget for video, e.g., attire, signage, and other eye-catching displays: $600

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    Virtual Brand Gatherings

    (can be added into VBLP monthly updates above)

    VIRTUAL BRAND GATHERINGS (can be added into VBLP monthly updates above)


    Function: A one-time or recurring virtual event promoted on your website, social media, or direct invites to your customer base to increase engagement, knowledge, and investment of your brand and service


    Virtual Brand Engagement Gatherings Include:

    Storyboarding and scripting of an hour-long gathering

    Zoom or other virtual conference link set up and fees:

    A moderator Emcee host to direct questions, ensure clarity and keep the momentum going.

    On-air talent, e.g. brand expert tutorial or demo or other brand influencers to excite the viewers with educational or even unexpected talent/entertainment

    Necessary on-air branding, e.g., attire, signage, product demonstration supplies


    One Virtual Gathering Cost Estimate: $2,595

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    Event Supply Logistics & Asset Management

    Function: BBP Event Logistics & Asset Management provides client-support services for planning, storage, and shipping, client gifts, influencer and broker kits, customer fulfillment, and any other shipping or fulfillment need. This service is available in addition to our other services, or a la carte! Let us take this time-consuming project off your hands!


    All Logistics and Asset Management will be customized and quoted per your needs:

    Click here for details!


    Services Include:

    Climate-Controlled Storage Space starting at 4’ x 4’

    Capable of receiving all types of freight deliveries

    Inventory Management

    Keeping accurate counts, organizing assets and branded materials

    Maintain stock levels and quality control

    Provide reorder notifications

    Keep an updated archive of shipped inventory to minimize redundancies to recipients

    Asset Fulfillment

    Sourcing and producing consumable/disposable supplies and branded materials or assets

    We can add your logo or name to anything! See our Busy Bee Branded Merchandise page for details

    Event & Influencer/VIP Kit Assembly

    We specialize in assembling custom kits per request

    Provide shipment optimization and efficiency consultations

    We can help you select impactful elements for shipments

    We specialize in managing complicated or multi-faceted shipment requests with multiple components requiring additional assembly

    Click HERE for details


    Book Writing Services, Co-Authoring,

    Ghost Writing & More

    You are the expert, and you know your s***, so why not share it with the world? One of the strongest brand positioning gambits is to author a book about your industry or related topic. Even though 81% of individuals surveyed desire to write a book, less than 1% ever see the goal through to completion. The main reason is setting aside the time required to get it done, but if you do write one—and publish it—it can make a massive difference to your bottom line. Imagine how much easier it would be to land a client or an account if you include a book you authored in your proposal that establishes you as your industry's authority.

    Sounds great, right? But suppose you can't set aside the time or aren't sure how to get started. Busy Bee can help you get it done with the same proprietary system used by our very own Paul Edgewater, CMO, who has seven books to his credit, including five best-selling books.


    Function: Position you as an expert in your industry with a published book.


    Custom Packages:

    • The interview: One of the fastest ways to get a book done is simply by being interviewed about the subject matter at hand, recording it, and transposing it into written prose. Example: a one hour interview can yield a 100 page, 5' X 7' book. Additionally, readers enjoy the candor and meter of the spoken word. Pro tip: if you plan on releasing an audio version of your book, that part is already 99% completed!
    • The Assist: This is where we provide you with all the tools you need to write your own compelling story in our proprietary, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system. You'll be done with your book in far less time than you ever thought possible.
    • Ghostwriting: This is where we do all the heavy lifting. We do an exploratory, fact-finding session with you, then write on your subject, with your point of view, in your 'voice,' and covering the points you desire to make.

    Example Budget For "The Interview" package:

    Investments for other packages vary based on book services selected. All options are self-published on Amazon.com and are available in Kindle or on print-on-demand, paperbacks.


    The interview: 

    • Includes 2 hours of consultation to establish goals with regard to subject matter, the value proposition, and take away lessons your book brings to the reader.
    • 2 hour recorded interview (either done on a conference call, Skype, Zoom, or similar).
    • Transcription of the interview, structuring book into sections (preface, foreword, chapters, acknowledgments, etc.).
    • First draft of the book provided to the client for review. Includes three revisions (5" X 7" book with 100 or fewer pages).
    • Selection of interior design options (fonts, layouts, etc.) and basic cover design (includes three revisions. Extra creative time billed at $75 per hour for premium design.
    • 100 copies of the paperback shipped to your home or office.

    Investment: $5,877

    Investment for other packages quoted on a case-by-case basis.