• Auditing & Product Survey

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    Function: Checking store inventory and recording essential client data.


    Tasks Will Include: Our retail audit service gets you fast and accurate data on your product’s availability, store location, visibility, and pricing. Audits performed during a sale/ promotion period come in handy to ensure your product is well-stocked and positioned in the most appealing manner. Our Bees track inventory levels, tracking out-of-stock product, and working with the stores’ buyers to order more when needed. Audits during non-sale periods can serve to ensure your product is compliant with your planogram.


    Cost Per Store Visit: $50 (remote locations and some urban areas may require travel-related expenses)


    ROI: Do you know if your product is even on the shelf at your brokered retail locations? Is it in the wrong aisle? Is the store cost higher than it should be nationally? Do you have the man-power to accomplish this huge feat? Busy Bee can be the feet on the ground to cover all your retail locations. With nationwide coverage coast-to-coast, we will be where you need us most. Whether it be a small independent chain on the East Coast or an expansive 10,000+ location chain across the country, Busy Bee has the force to see what’s happening with your product.

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